Cycling and Biking

About the sport:

Cycling / biking is a recreational activity and a competitive sport. It keeps one fit and healthy and increases the vitality. It is one of the best forms of physical exercise; it also improves cardiovascular health and is environment-friendly, as it does not create air or noise pollution. Many require specific equipment and skills for terrain or distance.

The different types of cycling are off-road, on-road, and BMX or stunt riding. Bike riding is more intense and dynamic and needs more stamina and power. The different types of biking are Trials riding, Free ride biking, Downhill mountain biking, Dirt Jumping, Mountain Cross / 4-Cross (4X), Circle Dirt, Track Racing, North Shore, Indy cross (IX), Dual Slalom (DS), Short Cross or Speed Cross (SX) and Urban/ Street biking. You can enjoy the thrill of performing stunts and tricks with your cycle/bike.

Relation To India:

India with its wide stretched rivers, the snowy mountains, variety of rocks, the wide-spread barren lands and beautiful landscapes provides the riders with exciting cycling/riding opportunities. There are many cycling clubs organizing rides, tours and races across India for different age groups.
The popular places in India for cycling and mountain bike riding are: North Sikkim, Kalimpong in North Bengal, Darjeeling, Sandakphu are some of the most adventurous and sportive terrains for cycling/biking.

Tips / Precautions / Interesting Facts:

Injuries can happen due to repeated aggressive cycling. It is advised to treat the injuries well and heal completely before hitting the terrain again. Appropriate safety equipment should be used and the road rules and discipline should be observed.The saddle should be correctly fitted and its height should be neither too high nor too low, it can cause muscle imbalance and further complications.


  • Always use both your hands while ridding
  • Follow traffic rules and signals
  • Be alert and know how to ride alongside cars
  • Wear well-fitted clothing and a helmet
  • Ride in groups
  • Always Carry your ID card
  • Always carry a repair kit
  • Use hand signals to let other riders know what action you will be taking next


  • Do not attempt to do stunts
  • Don’t speed up much at the start itself
  • Don’t carry too much stuff
  • Don’t try to overtake cars or race with other riders


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