Hot Air Ballooning

About the Sport:

The activity of flying hot air balloon is called hot air ballooning .It works on the basic scientific principle of ‘warmer air rises in cooler air’. So the hot air balloon is launched at dawn or near the sunset time, i.e. when the weather is cool. The flight moves in the wind’s direction and the pilot can only control the climb or descend by changing the temperature of the air inside the envelope. You can fly to very high altitudes and get a bird's eye view of the beautiful landscapes and life on the earth.

It is very important for the pilot to analyze the weather conditions and determine the direction of the wind by using various available techniques, well in advance of the flight. This adventure sport can be enjoyed in many parts of the world and is quite popular with the tourists.

Relation To India:

Hot air ballooning as a recreational activity is fast growing in India. You can explore mother nature’s beautiful blessings in solitude or along with your team by flying high in the sky. Director General Civil Association (DGCA) has given licenses to conduct commercial flights only to two organizations in the country. Hot air flights are quite costly but the experience is worth the money!.The most popular places for hot air ballooning in India are: the desert state of Rajasthan, New Delhi ,Manali,  Jammu and Kashmir, Pench, Jaipur, Pushkar and Ranthambore.

Tips / Precautions / Interesting Facts:

You need to select a suitable take-off point and be very careful of the weather conditions. Avoid going during rainy season as the visibility is reduced and the balloon material also gets damaged. Consider taking off from a deserted point as mid-air collisions and colliding with high voltage power lines are the risk factors. Children below five years of age, pregnant women and those with low stamina are not allowed to go for this flight.


  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Fly only during sunrise or in the evening
  • Cooperate when the pilot decides to change the time of departure or cancel the ride based on the weather conditions


  • Do not ignore any medical conditions
  • Don’t fly when it is raining or about to rain
  • Do not fly in bad weather conditions
  • Do not fly when there is not much visibility


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