About the activity:

Mountaineering was climbing the unclimbed mountain tops but now has branched out into specializations. It is essentially a long journey on foot, especially to hike through mountains. The experience of reaching the highest point of a mountain and exploring the unclimbed peaks is thrilling! It involves many difficulties and risks to reach the high altitudes. It amounts to certain element of physical danger and definitely means coming out of comfort zones. The two main styles of mountaineering are the Alpine style and the Expedition style. The taller and more difficult the peak, the more the excitement!

Destinations in India:

India is blessed with some of the highest peaks of the world and is a heaven for mountaineers. Himalayas in India is the highest mountain ranges in the world. There are many institutes in India that promote mountaineering such as the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM), Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, The Indian Mountaineering Foundation or the IMF etc. Such institutes offer mountaineering courses, provide training and organize expeditions, thus promoting the sport of mountaineering in India.

Tips / Precautions / Interesting Facts:

It gives pleasure of closely experiencing the natural beauty; gives chance to explore unexplored areas as well as unexplored self. It is advisable to go in a group along with an experienced leader. To make your adventure of mountain climbing a success, all you need is team-work, co-operation, patience and a healthy body.


  • Prepare yourself to deal with climate changes
  • Carry first-aid kit
  • Be in a group
  • Wear helmet whenever required
  • Take enough nutrition before starting
  • Be prepared for any emergency and unforeseen situation
  • Use harness and equipments of good quality and thoroughly check them before start


  • Don’t ignore any kind of medical history
  • Don’t proceed at a high speed
  • Don’t talk much while climbing
  • Don’t take safety standards lightly
  • Don’t carry too much stuff and make your bag heavy


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