About the Sport:

Skiing is adventure sport activities practiced in the Northern regions of India, which receive snowfall in winter. Skiing includes a long ski boots. These ski boots help us to slide easily and comfortable in Ice.

Related To India:

India with its pristine snow-capped mountains and high altitudes is one the favourite skiing and snowboarding destination. There are many locations in India suitable for these adventure sports like the Himalayas ,Gulmarg and Pahalgam in Kashmir, Manali, Narkanda, Rohtang , Auli, Lachung  and Yumthang in Sikkim, Tawang  in Arunachal Pradesh and many other snowy regions.

Tips / Precautions / Interesting Facts:

It is very important to have proper training and knowledge about these sports and be suitably dressed. Collisions with natural and man-made obstacles are quite likely.


  • Have control over your speed
  • Wear a helmet for better safety
  • Wear appropriate clothing and gear
  • Wear ski goggles


  • Don’t go for skiing beyond your ability level
  • Don’t go skiing on your own if you are a beginner
  • Don’t go off-trail
  • Don’t lose focus as it might lead to clashes with other skiers


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