Sky Diving

About the Sport:

Skydiving, also known as parachuting, is the aero sport in which a person has to jump off an aircraft or a helicopter when it is flying and come back to the land using a parachute. There is a backup parachute in addition to the primary parachute, to ensure safety. Both the parachutes can be controlled with the steering lines. Skydiving can be done in group as well as individually.

Variations of Skydiving are : Free flying , Hit and Rock, Formation skydiving , Tracking , Pond swooping, Cross-country, Camera flying , Night jumps , Stuff jumps, Sky surfing , BASE jumping and Wing suit flying. If you want to conquer your fear and are in good health, then you can enjoy the thrilling experience of this free fall.

Relation To India:

Skydiving is in its infancy in India. It is slowly becoming famous, thanks to many skydiving camps and institutes like The Indian Skydiving & Parachute Association (ISPA) and The Indian Parachuting Federation (IPF), which provides certificate courses and training in this sport. The Sports Authority of Gujarat proposes to make the state a destination for adventure sports, especially skydiving. Patiala in Punjab, Mysore in Karnataka, Dhana in Madhya Pradesh, Deesa in Gujarat , Amby Valley in Maharashtra and Pondicherry are the popular sky diving destinations in India.

Tips / Precautions / Interesting Facts:

Changing wind conditions, parachuting in poor weather and performing unsafe maneuvers are the causes of injury and pose a danger to the life of skydivers. Canopy collisions are also very risky, wherein two or more skydivers under fully inflated parachutes collide and their parachutes get entangled with each other.

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  • Wear sneakers or sports shoes
  • Listen to your instructor
  • Make sure the harness is fitted properly
  • Get some knowledge about skydiving


  • Don’t perform stunts
  • Don’t ignore safety measures
  • Don’t use outdated equipments
  • Don’t dive in unsuitable weather conditions


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