About the Sport:

Snowboarding involves descending down a mountainous snow filled slope with the help of a board attached to the rider’s feet. Snowboarding is a type of adventure sport, which is very closely related to skiing. Snowboarding is a modern sport. There are various types of snowboarding like Freestyle, Alpine, Jibbing, Half-Pipe, etc.

Relation To India:

Snowboarding in India is practiced and enjoyed in the regions, which receive snowfall in winter. Most of these locations are situated in the Northern and North-Eastern part of India.  Snowboarding can be practiced at Gulmarg, Auli, Solang, Rohtang, Kufri, Narkanda, Pehelgaum, Manali, Yumthang.

Tips / Precautions / Interesting Facts:

One should always keep a first aid kit handy. Avoid going snowboarding if you are not with a proper gear. Beginners should always practice this adventure under proper expert guidance. Snowboarding requires physical and mental presence and coordination. Don’t go ski boarding if you are intoxicated. Fresher the snow, better it is.


  • Wear a helmet
  • Have a professional instructor to guide you
  • Wear snowboarding apparel and gear


  • Don’t use bindings with plastic straps
  • Don’t ride on closed trails


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