About the Sport:

Surfing is a thrilling surface water sport. The surfer rides the waves and gets carried by them to the shore. The surfer has to start paddling when a wave starts to break. Surfing can be done in the waves of lakes, rivers, oceans and also in man-made sources such as wave pools and boat wakes. Depending on his skill, the surfer may lie, sit, or stand on the surfboard and enjoy the experience of rushing into the shore. Surfing is a passionate game and requires daring to face the waves and to fly on the water!

Relation To India:

India has warm, clear water bodies and very beautiful beaches and rivers which are very suitable for surfing. You can experience this zealous sport in places such as Goa, Kanya Kumari, Alwars, Kovalam Beach, Dwarka , Varkala Mahe, Auroville Vizag (Visakapatanam) and Gokarna.

Tips / Precautions / Interesting Facts:

The risk factors involved in surfing are: Collisions with sea elements and creatures. Rip currents which requires expertise for surfing,  Heavy rainfall and Unpredictable waves are some other natural factors which everyone should consider before going on surfing.


  • Keep yourself physically fit
  • Surf with a partner
  • Check out the surf conditions
  • Practice often for a better surfing experience


  • Don’t surf beyond the specified surfing area
  • Do not cut another surfer’s wave
  • Don’t surf beyond your comfort level
  • Don’t forget to stretch and have a warm-up before the start


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