Trekking and Hiking

About the Sport:

Trekking is an adventure activity in which one has to walk a long distance to reach the destination, which is usually on a hilly or mountainous terrain. Most of the locations are surrounded by beautiful natural environment. Trekking gives you the excitement of exploring the remote places and allows you to have a close view of the nature.

Relation To India:

India is one the most popular trekking destinations in the world. It has trekking locations surrounded by lush greenery, beautiful lakes, historical structures and serene atmosphere. The Himalayan routes, Chandra Taal, Gomukh, Hemkund, Kafni, Kedarnath, Milam Glacier,  Kangchenjunga,  Kedartal, Nanda Devi Sanctuary, Pindari, Roopkund,  Glacier, Richenpong,  Sar Pass, Satopanth Tal, Saurkundi Pass, Singalila Ridge and Valley of Flowers are some of the famous trekking sites in India. western ghats & Sahyadri region are famous trekking destination in Maharashtra.

Tips / Precautions / Interesting Facts:

Sudden whether changes, dehydration, summer heat, steep slopes are some of the risks factors involved in trekking. You should go on a trekking adventure only during the right time of the year and have proper information about the location, physical and mental fitness, trekking equipments and weather forecast report.


  • Wear comfortable shoes and avoid wearing new shoes
  • Carry First-Aid-Box and routine medicines (if any)
  • Map, Compass and GPS are must-haves
  • Be prepared for weather changes
  • Be in groups to enjoy the trip with mutual help and support
  • Be informed about the place you are visiting and surrounding area


  • Don’t try to compete with others and take a short route
  • Don’t carry too much stuff
  • Don’t be unrealistic while selecting routes
  • Don’t litter the route
  • Do not disturb the wildlife


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