Water Rafting

About the Sport:

River rafting or white water rafting is a very exciting adventure sport .The participants have to just navigate in white water, usually a river, in inflatable rubber rafts. Enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings and getting the adrenaline rush while travelling across the water bodies, has made this sport one of the most loved water sports. There are six levels of difficulty, ranging from simple to very difficult degrees of rafting. If you know swimming and have the ability to cling on to the boat, then get ready to experience this breathtaking experience!

Relation To India:

River rafting is one of India’s leading adventure sports as it is blessed with many rivers and other water bodies and has people who are eager to enjoy the thrilling experience of this sport. The popular river rafting sites are the rivers of Ganga, Indus, Bhagirathi, Alaknanda, Zanskar, Teesta, Kali Sarda , Tons, Brahmaputra, Kolad and Dandeli. You can have a majestic view of the countryside while enjoying your water ride.

Tips / Precautions / Interesting Facts:

River rafting is an extreme sport and can get dangerous if safety measures are not met. Obstacles such as fallen trees, low-head dams, undercut rocks and high waterfalls can cause injuries. This is avoidable if you go rafting with an experienced guide and avoid any undesirable and risky behaviour.

Photo credit: U.S. Army Flickr / CC BY 2.0


  • Wearing a life jacket is a must
  • Have a river guide with you
  • Wear proper shoes
  • Observe all the safety measures


  • Do not stand up
  • Don’t go rafting alone
  • Do not wear cotton clothes
  • Don’t ignore any of your medical conditions


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