Zip Line

About the Sport:

Zip line, also known as canopy adventure, is a recreational adventure sport. In this sport, a person glides from one level of elevation to the other with the help of freely moving pulley, suspended on an inclined cable. The gravity acts as the propelling force and enables the person to travel from the higher level to the lower end of the cable. Zip line enables you to fly like a bird and relish view of the heavenly beauty of the nature. People of different ages can enjoy rides of varying heights. It is a sport that the entire family can enjoy!

Relation To India:

Zip Lining as an aerial trekking adventure, is quite popular in India. One can take up professional courses and acquire training in zip lining. You can enjoy the excitement of zip lining all the year round, thanks to the different climatic conditions and diverse regions.
The most famous destinations for zip lining in India are: Rajasthan , Mehrangarh Fort, Neemrana Fort, Gurgaon and many other such regions with breathtaking views.

Tips / Precautions / Interesting Facts:

Although not very dangerous, zip lining has certain risks involved. A person should be fit and daring to enjoy this ride and have knowledge of the safety measures to be taken. The equipments must be inspected on daily basis and the weather conditions should be considered before the tour.

Photo credit: Peter HookFlickr / CC BY 2.0


  • Wear a helmet
  • Be physically fit and mentally alert
  • Have knowledge of what should be done during an emergency


  • Don’t forget to apply sunscreen
  • Don’t ignore the weight limits
  • Do not neglect any safety measures or guidance


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